Why does it Matter?

If you take a moment to look up the definition of the word matter, you will find multiple definitions. One definition that sticks out to me today is the verb definition which means "to be of importance - to have significance". Just let that settle for a moment on the brain...

The reality is we all have these issues of the heart that press on us. I can ride to work and not even turn the radio on - my mind talks enough to host its' own radio show! I picture it as the "Nikki Riding to Work Show" - with intro music and topics ranging from parenting to finances! I am sure I am not all alone in that!

So why do all these things matter to us that we carry on our hearts and minds daily? Because they are important. God cares about every facet of who you are. Down to the very smallest detail. I recently attended a simulcast on the topic of leadership. It was broadcasting across the world with over 30,000 people watching. One of the speakers put her notebook down and said she felt the need to leave her notes and go another direction. And suddenly she begun to speak and confirm things that had been resting on my heart. I just needed a small push. I just needed to know that God heard me. And I am crazy enough to believe that out of 30,000 people - God is so interested in the matters of my heart that a message could be personally delivered. Signed and sealed for me and you at the same time!

So why does it matter? Because you are so important. You are so loved - and your heart and every matter on it is of importance.

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