Walk the Halls of My Heart

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Psalms 139:23

This morning I woke up and proceeded to sit on the edge of my bed, coaxing my tired eyes to open and embrace the fact that it was time to get the day started. After getting on my feet and moving around, I proceeded to kneel in prayer and tell God that I wanted Him to know me and show me what the areas are that he wanted me to focus in on this upcoming week.

As I sat there waiting to hear from God, my mind ventured to the days of being in school. I can remember how the principal walked thru the halls checking all the classrooms to make sure all things were in order. The principal was not only concerned with discipline; but most importantly the safety and well-being of all those onsite.

Suddenly, I pictured my heart as the school, and my principal God walking the halls. I said "Lord, please check classroom A and let me know if jealousy is there. And please check over in Classroom B and pull out any envy that exist. And Lord, don’t forget to look in the gym and pull out low-self esteem and confidence issues. Most of all Lord, when you pull them out the class, take it all into your office. And let’s work thru all of them so that they no longer take up unnecessary space in the classrooms of my heart."

In Psalms 139:23, David asks God to search his heart. In this context "Search Me" means to examine intimately in Hebrew. David asks God to go into the crevices of his heart and test his anxious thoughts. He wanted God to know him and show him. When we ask God to walk the halls of our heart, we are inviting God to come in and go into the different areas that we may not have identified or that may have hidden out in the classrooms of our hearts.

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