Waiting Without the Noise

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. Psalms 62:1

Something struck me recently during a visit to see my doctor. My doctor is not a very talkative individual but very thorough. As she came in the room, I greeted her and then rushed to tell her all that was going on. There was silence in the room as she pulled my records. I was uncomfortable with the silence and proceeded to tell her more about my troubles. Little did I know, that she had already read my chart and knew all that was going on before she got there. I just had to trust the silence and wait for her next move.

In Psalms 62:1, David speaks to an intentional quietness before God realizing that his victory comes from God. He realized that he didn’t have to fill up his time before God with telling him the whole story. Sometimes he just needed to wait quietly.

When the struggles are upon us, it seems really easy to kneel down and tell God all about it. And even easier to tell everyone else about it! And many times that is exactly what we need to do in order to release it from our hearts. Yet, there are times where we just need to wait quietly before God. No need to argue, no need to make the case with others – just a simple wait. Your ability to wait speaks to your confidence that you know where your victory comes from. In Psalms 62:2, David goes on to declare that God is his rock and salvation and because of this he will never be shaken. Feel free to wait without all the noise of the troubles around you. Your victory is already ahead!

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