Letting go

As a young girl, I can remember playing tug of war with my sisters, cousins, and friends in the neighborhood. I remember we would all get into the backyard, line up on each side and then countdown to start pulling. The countdown to begin was important because it gave everyone a chance to get their footing strong on the ground. We would proceed with pulling on both ends until either end had no choice but to surrender. The closer in the other group got, the more like it was that we were winning.

However, there was one moment in the game where a group would decide to let go and suddenly all of us on the other side would fall back suddenly! Their letting go didn't give us the opportunity to tug of war anymore. The game was only as good as both sides pulling.

In life there are times where the tug of war comes to a point where we simply must let go. And what about when someone decides to let go of us? We feel the effect of that fall on our end. Regardless of what side is letting go, it is not an easy process. It takes courage, and even time to heal. Think about areas where you need to let go - to end the tug of war in your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Dear God,

Grant me the grace to let go when I need to and accept it - even if it hurts. Grant me the grace to heal.

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