Growing in the Winter!

As winter approaches, long gone are my nice colorful flowers and the tomato vines have pretty much dried up. I walked around looking at the garden and even felt sad as I ushered out the growing season of spring and summer. Until I realized what is really happening in the winter!

While on the surface it seems like the soil is non-productive, there is a whole lot going on under our feet. As the temperature drops, the soil develops a frost layer that is meant protect and allow for growth underneath. Certain plants and grass roots are working together under the frost layer to develop root systems. Even more there is activity going on within root cells that function almost like an antifreeze mechanism to regulate temperature. It is simply fascinating!

I have just taken you on an agricultural journey to share these few words with you: Even in the winter, you are still growing. Even when it's difficult, there is something happening in your life. Even when it's cold, you are still able to make it. Even when it seems like the flowers in your life are no longer blooming - God is still working on your situation.

I know this because of Isaiah 55:10 below which reminds us that rain and snow comes to the earth to water it, and so does God's word come to water our lives and accomplish what God intends. Snow in the winter does not symbolize the pause of growth - as a matter of fact it is probably the most beneficial time. Because in those times, God can work below the surface and get to the root of things. You will spring forth, even better than before.

Isaiah 55:10

“The rain and snow come down from the heavens

and stay on the ground to water the earth.

They cause the grain to grow,

producing seed for the farmer

and bread for the hungry.

11 It is the same with my word.

I send it out, and it always produces fruit.

It will accomplish all I want it to,

and it will prosper everywhere I send it"

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