Day 8: ASAP

ASAP. I’ve written many memos at work or for personal leisure and asked for a response ASAP - as soon as possible. Although this statement indicated the other party had time to decide when it was possible to provide whatever was needed, there was still this underlying request to provide it faster than normal.

Last year while on a visit for breakfast at Cracker Barrell, I decided to venture out into the store section of the restaurant while waiting for breakfast. There was a small black sign with ASAP in big letters on it So it drew my attention. As I ventured in closer, I realized it didn’t have the meaning I was used to.

It said:

ASAP. Always Stop And Pray

It caught my attention long enough to read it again and take it to the register to purchase regardless of the price! Thankfully it wasn’t super expensive but the message was priceless.

Suddenly an acronym that meant to rush things -turned into a reminder to stop. Stop and pray. Always - not just sometimes. I keep this sign close by as a reminder. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 admonishes us with these three words - “Never stop praying.”

When discouragement sets in - stop and pray.

When fear and uncertainty crowds your thoughts - stop and pray.

When sickness and calamity hit - stop and pray.

When you don’t understand - stop and pray.

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