Day 3: Breakout

It's Day 3 of the journey of listening and writing. I even tried to do a video today could not get it together! My instruction was to write - not video over these 1o days (smile). It's so natural for us to try to divert or add to to instruction as human beings!

Today's word was breakout. I had to think on this one for a moment. I immediately thought of a breakout on our skin such as the face. This can be due to irritation but this can also happen when you are trying a new product. When a new product is introduced to the skin that is meant to cure a condition - something may occur called "skin purging". This happens when the skin reacts to bring the impurities to the surface. In essence, there is a breakout before the breakthrough! Before the benefits of the product can be seen -an eruption may occur first. Once this process is complete, you begin to see the results and clearing of the skin area.

And so it is with our lives - sometimes we must experience a breakout - things must come to the surface before we experience the promotion to our next level. Joseph in the Bible can attest to this (Genesis 37). He was thrown into a pit by his brothers because of a dream he had. He had a special coat of many colors and the ability to dream which landed him in a pit. He is then sold and placed in prison. This was truly a breakout in Joseph's life. However, it was in this time that Joseph was able to cultivate his gifts and be in a position to be used by God. Ultimately his gift to dream landed him into the palace resulting in a breakthrough after his breakout.

I know what it means to feel like there is breakout in my life. When things shift and it seems like everything is coming to the surface. It doesn't always feel good and look good - but it's necessary. The purging is necessary to make room for what is new and provide the clarity needed to move forward. The key is to not lose hope in the breakout. We can't stop praying just because there is an eruption in our lives. I can't stop seeking God. I must remain all the more diligent than ever before. Like Joseph, there is a breakthrough on the way for each of us that needs it!

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