Day 10: Begin

Ten days ago I answered a challenge that God laid on my heart to listen and write. I love to write and often I find myself thinking what I should be writing! This mandate required my commitment to put the pen to the paper each day for a random theme. I couldn't pre-meditate this - it really was one day at a time.

Then today's word was "begin." You can imagine that at the end of this challenge - hearing the word "begin" caused my heart to speed up. Because in my mind I was completing something. Yet it was really only the beginning. The processes we walk through are never really the end - it is simply the start of something new in our lives.

So here were the words for the past 10 days in order: Renewal, Forgiveness, Breakout, New Wine, Needs, Patience, Peace, ASAP, Past, Begin. Neither day followed suit with the day before yet they all blended in together. These words become an amazing dialogue and compilation of thoughts that can be shared and I decided to put them together like this: It begins with forgiveness as we breakout from the past. Peace and patience are what we need to experience the new wine of renewal ASAP! You can take the challenge as well of putting these words into a message.

In the midst of the chaos around us as the world spins from the pandemic and then election issues - it is unprecedented time. We need something to hold onto during this time. Something to keep us grounded and that is our relationship with God. It would appear that this is the time to stop, but it is actually a time to begin. Begin seeking after God like never before. Begin patience and peace through forgiveness and renewal.

So this post is not the end... it's actually the beginning!

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