My Greatest Blessings

Memoirs of a Single Mom
New Book Released June 2020

In her greatly anticipated book, “My Greatest Blessings”, Nikki uncovers the fibers of her heart to share her journey of single parenthood. She reveals the myths as well as the joys of this delicate calling. As you read these pages, it will be as if you and Nikki are sitting down, having a conversation about the journey of love, family, and faith. You will experience moments of laughter, and even some moments of tears as your heart moves along the pages of this memoir meant to warm the soul. Written plainly from the heart, My Greatest Blessings, will prove to challenge the status quo, stir up unrealized dreams, and provide insight on how to get to the other side of victory, despite any circumstance.

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Storm Clouds are Passing

Hold on Until Change Comes
Book Released August 2017

Have you ever encountered a storm in your life? Chances are you have, so this book is for you. It is a thorough guide that will lead you step-by-step through the tumultuous situations that arise in life. Nikki shares her heart with you along with biblical accounts of storm survivors. It will prepare you for inevitable turbulence, teach you how to maintain composure in high pressure situations, show you techniques for thriving, and encourage you to hold on during your storm. Imagine the relief you’ll experience when this book helps you confront the feelings and thoughts you’ve had but never verbalized or acknowledged. Wisdom, like precious gems, will be discovered and treasured as you learn to value the gift of the storm. Believe it or not, you may just end up thanking God for your storm when this book safely navigates you through to the other side.


Moments with God

Short Stories for the Soul of a Woman
Book released in 2014

Moments with God is a compilation of short stories and inspirational readings for the soul of a woman meant to warm your heart and open your mind. Through these pages you will journey into the lives of six women and some of the challenges they face. They are all from different walks of life. They all are different ages, sizes and races. For some, life has caused them to be broken. For others, life has seemed to be perfect. Yet they all have one thing in common; a need for a moment with God.

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